About Us

Citizens Advice Broxbourne (CAB) helps people overcome their problems and campaigns on big issues when their voices need to be heard.   We value diversity, champion equality, and challenge discrimination and harassment.   We’re here for everyone.

We provide independent, free, confidential and impartial information, advice and advocacy to everybody regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability. We have been serving the people of Broxbourne, Cheshunt, Hoddesdon and Waltham Cross for over 50 years. CAB provides a vital service for those facing a broad range of issues. Over the last year, we helped 1801 clients with 5,010 issues, achieving financial gains for clients of over £1.5m.


We regularly seek feedback on our service from all clients. In our most recent survey, 80% of clients said our advice helped improve their lives and gave them the confidence to move forward. 100% said their experience with Citizens Advice Broxbourne was positive or very positive and 75% said their problem was resolved.
Citizens Advice Broxbourne is part of the national Citizens Advice organisation. We work to the Citizens Advice Quality standard and are supported by them on matters of governance, for example.

However, each local Citizens Advice is independently managed by its own Board of Trustees. As an independent charity, Citizens Advice Broxbourne is funded solely through its own fundraising activities.

Working with us is challenging, exciting and rewarding and we would not be able to provide the service we do if it wasn't for the great team of staff and volunteers who work with us.   To find out more about volunteering with Citizens Advice Broxbourne visit our Volunteering page here.

Pauline’s story

‘Pauline’ was struggling to manage her finances as she was self-employed and Covid-19 had affected her business.  She had anxiety, depression and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and had spent a lot of money on private counselling. She was in rent and council tax arrears, and had utility and credit card debts.

We signposted Pauline to affordable counselling, helped her apply for grants to pay off her utility arrears of £700 and water arrears as well as applying for the low-cost water tariff, as she needed a lot of water to clean her hands due to her OCD.

We recommended to Pauline that she apply for Personal Independence Payment and helped with the application. Since her obsessive behaviour was affecting her work, we advised her to apply for Universal Credit with limited capability for work.  This put Pauline in a better position and enabled her to clear her rent and council tax arrears.  Pauline thanked us for giving her the confidence to apply for the funds that she needed and said that her wellbeing had ‘improved considerably.’

What People are Saying

"Thank you so much for your telephone call this afternoon in which we discussed my situation regarding the divorce proceedings. You fully explained everything, and I learnt a lot. You were very kind and I highly appreciated for your advice."

"We are lucky to have such a brilliant resource on our doorstep."

"My adviser made me realise that there are some genuine non judgmental people out there, who actually care that these situations can be stressful. I thank her so much. I am truly grateful for her help time and patience.”

"My phone call got through straight away and I spoke to and adviser who said she had a background in finance. She was so patient and helpful. I acted on her sound advice. Thank you, so much."

"Seeing all the amazing work that is done through Citizens Advice as a Client has inspired me to also help others in need. Very supportive people who clearly care about the people who come to them."

"Thank you for helping me at a difficult time and providing reassurance that I could deal with my problems."

"Consents and permissions were thoroughly explained to me and in turn, I felt really valued as a person and how CA Broxbourne could cater to my additional needs."

"I could not praise CA Broxbourne enough for helping me when I felt everything was piling up. They were empathetic and this enabled me to calm down and recognise that I could deal with my issues with some professional guidance."

"The help and support I have received from my adviser has been outstanding. She is amazing at her job and I will be eternally grateful to her."